(Very) Rough Sketch

So, to prevent my hand from falling off I didn’t include an accurate number of squares in the middle (the actual quilt is 6×7). That aside, here is my rough sketch of my plans for the String Quilt.


The white spaces in between the fabric borders are going to be just that, white fabric. The scrap borders are going to be assembled from the scraps of scraps… If that makes any sense. (I’ll use the scraps I collected while making the scrap string blocks). :)

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4 Responses to (Very) Rough Sketch

  1. Mom Pat says:

    Ash, Your mom just sent me the picture of your absolutely “smashing” new bed quilt…Great job, lady; great accomplishment, totally inspiring for all of us! We have enjoyed the pictures of you and Brandon, Ferd, Chloe, your apt. I know you are chomping at the bit to move to your new place. Stacey has said that she would send pictures of it and she will (as I remind her). In the meantime, continue to enjoy every facet of your life….you have earned every single second of your exquitsite existence. Much love, your Mom Pat

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you so much mom pat! I still actually have the quilt I’m working on for you and daddy gene- it is just not totally assembled. :) When we move into our new apartment I really hope that you and daddy gene wll come and visit us! I love you!

  2. Mom Pat says:

    AND….Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Brandon. L. Mom Pat

  3. Stacey Jackson says:

    i love it!!!! cant wait to see the finished product!

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